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"Hello Perks is my one stop shop for employee benefits. As a startup Founder I’m time poor but Hello Perks does the research for me – they only offer the best of what there is - like their private GP service, for example. My team love the perks and use something pretty much every day."

– Jozef Wallis , Co-Founder, Booxscale

Attract and retain the best with

  • Discounts and offers
    Treat your team to big discounts from big brands.
  • Training and team building
    Keep your team learning, laughing, and linking.
  • Local perks (Old Street and Shoreditch)
    All just minutes from your office.
  • Physical and mental wellness
    Because happy and healthy teams work better.
  • Real time local lunch offers with 20-50% off
    Delicious discounts from your favourite places to keep your team going all day.
  • Exclusive community events
    Founder Forum and meetups help you make those vital connections.

What’s it all about?

  • We can help you make your team feel like the most coddled, cossetted and cared for team in the UK – glossy-haired champions of the startup community.
  • You don’t want to spend time, money, and energy on HR but you do want the best team.
  • Become the kind of company that people talk about, not whisper about. Let your reputation for perks do the hiring for you.
  • Just a small monthly subscription gets you unlimited access to our perks.

Startups choose us because we're


We're the only benefits platform focused exclusively on the Shoreditch area


We vet all our feature partners so you can be sure they're the best at what they do. All killer and no filler


We're the only perks platform built specifically for tech startups

Why trust us?

Our team have 20 years’ experience right here in the heart of Tech City

  • We can give you the kind of benefits a small company just can’t get on their own – deals usually reserved for the big fish.
  • And the best part is, the more our community grows, the better the perks will get for everyone.
  • We’ve seen from the inside what employees want and what Founders need and that led us to develop this highly curated, hyper-local perks platform especially for startups – Hello Perks!

Hello Perks is designed by Founders for Founders

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